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Zabriskie Point -- just when you thought it was safe to hurtle into the entertainments of the so-called counterculture, this half-baked slice of nonsense arrived under the direction of Michelangelo Antonioni, who had previously directed Blow-Up, a great success. Zabriskie Point eventually became notorious for its Death Valley orgy sequence and the tragic fate of its neophyte star, Mark Frechette, but artistically it served, in the main, to do little but devastate Antonioni's reputation. As a way of accenting the counterculture he thought he was depicting, Antonioni chose to hire a selection of contemporary rock performers. The results of this effort were mixed indeed, with some performers having their music rejected outright after weeks of work, while others left the project after arguments with the ever-evasive director. In the end, MGM tacked on a Roy Orbison song to garner a hit single, and the soundtrack album featured an odd melange of songs from Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead(whose "Dark Star" is only excerpted), the Kaleidoscope, and others. This compilation is well worth hearing for the Floyd numbers, including an altered "Careful with That Axe, Eugene" presented as "Come in Number 51, Your Time Is Up." 
1)    Heart Beat, Pig Meat - Pink Floyd
2)    Brother Mary - The Kaleidoscope
3)    Dark Star [Excerpt] - Grateful Dead
4)    Crumbling Land - Pink Floyd
5)    Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page
6)    Sugar Babe - The Youngbloods
7)    Love Scene - Jerry Garcia
8)    I Wish I Were a Single Girl Again - Roscoe Holcomb
9)    Mickey's Tune - The Kaleidoscope
10)    Dance of Death - John Fahey
11)    Come In Number 51, Your Time is Up - Pink Floyd
1)    Version 1 - Jerry Garcia
2)    Version 2 - Jerry Garcia
3)    Version 3 - Jerry Garcia
4)    Country Song - Pink Floyd
5)    Unknown Song - Pink Floyd
6)    Love Scene [Version 6] - Pink Floyd

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