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The Young Rascals' third album, 1967's Groovin', finds them exploring a wide variety of sounds and styles, integrating psychedelic, jazz and Latin influences without sacrificing the unpretentious energy that was the source of the quartet's original appeal. The first Rascals album to be comprised almost entirely of the band members' own songwriting, Groovin' demonstrates the foursome's knack for keeping up with the rapidly changing state of popular music during that culturally volatile period. Groovin's satisfying blend of pop accessibility and artistic adventurousness encompasses the album's blissful title tune, a Number One pop single that also crossed over to reach Number Three on the R&B chart. The album also features three more memorable Rascals hits: the soulful ballads "A Girl Like You" and "How Can I Be Sure," and "You Better Run," which harkens back to the band's garage-rock roots. The quartet's aggressive side is also represented on the fuzz-drenched "Find Somebody," while their Latin influence emerges on the lilting "Sueño," and their reading of "A Place in the Sun" rivals Stevie Wonder's beloved version in its idealistic yearning. The Rascals' emerging interest in jazz is prominent on "It's Love," which features renowned jazz flautist Hubert Laws. In restoring this vintage vinyl treasure, Sundazed has meticulously reproduced the album's complete original cover art, mastered the music from the original analog stereo tapes and pressed these timeless tunes on pristine High-Definition Vinyl for optimum groovin'!

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