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THE KINKS are one of the greatest ever British bands, and one of the most influential rock groups of all time, without whom many of the big rock acts that followed would not have existed. Their multi-award winning, legendary front man Sir Ray Davies is one of the greatest all-time British songwriters. 

Celebrating The Kinks 60th anniversary and compiled by The Kinks, this is a new, high-profile, worldwide ‘release combining the Pye, RCA and Arista catalogues properly for the first time. It is the first new Kinks ‘best of’ for many years, especially so on vinyl. 

This is a key part of BMG’s high-profile, worldwide Kinks 60th 

anniversary campaign, 2023-24, featuring a host of Kinks media events, comprehensive marketing and BMG audio/audio-visual releases. 

THE JOURNEY is a collection of tracks chosen by The Kinks’ Ray Davies, Dave Davies and Mick Avory that reflect the trials and tribulations of their journey through life together as a band since 1963. 

Contains: Hits, key album tracks, singles, band favorites and B-sides. All recordings remastered from original master sources. 

Features 8 Top 20 Hits (of which 5 were top 3) including: “Waterloo Sunset,” “You Really Got Me,” “Celluloid Heroes,” “Supersonic Rocket Ship,” “Dead End Street,” “Death Of A Clown” and “All Day And All Of The Night.” 

Tracks are taken from all the classic original Kinks albums, including: Kinda Kinks, Face To Face, Something Else and the recently remastered 50th anniversary editions of Village Green Preservation Society, Lola, Muswell Hillbillies and Everybody’s In Show-Biz. 

Compiled by The Kinks. 

Booklets include band photos and personal track by track notes from Ray Davies, Dave Davies & Mick Avory. 

THE JOURNEY — PART 2 follows on September 29, 2023. 


 SIDE 1 

Songs about becoming a man, the search for adventure, finding an identity and a girl: 

1. You Really Got Me (UK#1, 1964) 
2. All Day And All Of The Night (UK#2, 1964) 
3. It’s All Right (1964) 
4. Who’ll Be The Next In Line (1965) 
5. Tired Of Waiting For You (UK#1, 1965) 
6. She’s Got Everything (1968) 
7. Just Can’t Go To Sleep (1964) 
8. Stop Your Sobbing (1964) 
9. Wait Till The Summer Comes Along (1965) 
10. So Long (1965) 


Songs of ambition achieved, bitter taste of success, loss of friends, the past comes back and bites you in the back-side: 

1. Dead End Street (UK#5, 1966) 
2. Schooldays (1975) 
3. The Hard Way (1975) 
4. Mindless Child Of Motherhood (1969) 
5. Supersonic Rocket Ship (UK#2, 1972) 
6. I’m In Disgrace (1975) 
7. Do You Remember Walter? (1968) 


Days and nights of a lost soul, songs of regret and reflection of happier times: 

1. Too Much On My Mind (1966) 
2. Nothin’ In The World Can Stop 
Me Worryin’ ‘Bout That Girl (1965) 
3. Days (UK#2, 1968) 
4. Where Have All The Good 
Times Gone (1965) 
5. Strangers (1970) 
6. It’s Too Late (1965) 
7. Sitting In The Midday Sun (1973) 


A new start, a new love, but have you really changed? Still haunted by the quest and the girl: 

1. Waterloo Sunset (UK#2, 1967) 
2. No More Looking Back (1975) 
3. Death Of A Clown (UK#3, 1967) 
4. Celluloid Heroes (1972) 
5. Act Nice And Gentle (1967) 
6. This Is Where I Belong (1967) 

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