RANCID 'LET THE DOMINOES FALL' 8x7" SINGLES (White & Red Splatter Vinyl)

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Rancid’s most recent studio contribution, “Let The Dominoes Fall”, was originally released as a boxset - if you missed out on those, this is a great opportunity to pick up this record, with the acoustic session, all on high quality audiophile 7” vinyl with all new collectable sleeves designs.

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• Re-mastered for 45rpm and all new sleeve artwork
• Bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip and placed in a releasable bag.

A - East Bay Night + This Place +Up To No Good
B - Last One To Die + Disconnected
C - I Ain’t Worried + Damnation
D - New Orleans
E - Civilian Ways
F - The Bravest Kids + Skull City
G - LA River + Lulu
H - Dominoes Fall + Liberty And Freedom
I - You Want It, You Got It + Locomotive
J - That’s Just The Way It Is + The Highway

Acoustic Session Tracklist:
A - East Bay Night + L.A. RIVER
B - I Ain’t Worried + This Place
C - Disconnected + Liberty And Freedom
D - Dominoes Fall + New Orleans
E - You Want It, You Got It + Outgunned
F - The Bravest Kids + Last One To Die

Limited to 500 units

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