PAUL MCCARTNEY 'MCCARTNEY' LP (Limited Edition, Red Vinyl)

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Debut album from Paul McCartney. Apart from wife Linda's vocal contributions, McCartney performed the entire album by himself, playing every instrument. Including the monumental track 'Maybe I'm Amazed,' the album held the number one position for three weeks on the US Billboard 200 chart and peaked at number 2 in Britain. Now reissued on 180g vinyl with included download card to complete your collection.

1. The Lovely Linda (2011 Remaster)
2. That Would Be Something (2011 Remaster)
3. Valentine Day (2011 Remaster)
4. Every Night (Remastered 2011)
5. Hot As Sun / Glasses (2011 Remaster)
6. Junk (Remastered 2011)
7. Man We Was Lonely (2011 Remaster)
8. Oo You (2011 Remaster)
9. Momma Miss America (2011 Remaster)
10. Teddy Boy (2011 Remaster)
11. Singalong Junk (2011 Remaster)
12. Maybe I’m Amazed (Remastered 2011)
13. Kreen-Akrore (2011 Remaster)
1. Suicide [Out-Take] (2011 Remaster)
2. Maybe I’m Amazed [From One Hand Clapping] (2011 Remaster)
3. Every Night [Live At Glasgow, 1979] (2011 Remaster)
4. Hot As Sun [Live At Glasgow, 1979] (2011 Remaster)
5. Maybe I’m Amazed [Live At Glasgow, 1979] (2011 Remaster)
6. Don’t Cry Baby [(Out-Take] (2011 Remaster)
7. Women Kind (Demo) [Mono] (2011 Remaster)

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