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Neil Young - Homegrown vinyl LP

Neil Young was on such a creative roll in the early '70s that -- even with like six classic records released at the time -- he still somehow managed to let an entire album go unreleased for nearly 50 years. Neil recorded Homegrown in 1973, but abandoned it because "it was a little too personal... it scared me." Some of its songs trickled out over the years, as Homegrown's legend continued to grow, but much of it -- including some real gems like "Try" (which features Emmylou Harris and The Band's Levon Helm) and "Separate Ways" (also with Levon) -- remained in the vault the whole time. Neil called the album "the darker side to Harvest" and "the missing link between HarvestComes a TimeOld Ways and Harvest Moon," and as you may expect from that quote, the album is largely on his melancholic singer/songwriter side. If you like Neil at his most personal and somber, you need Homegrown in your life.

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