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Artist: John Entwistle
Album: Rarities Oxhumed: Volume One

Variant: Deluxe 40th Anniversary Edition 2-CD + Booklet and Exclusive Art Prints by John Entwistle 

CD RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2022

John ‍Entwistle is best known as the legendary bassist for The Who. Nicknamed the Ox, Entwistle's music career spanned over four decades. Rarities Oxhumed: Volume One is the first in a series of posthumous releases coming from John Entwistle as part of a new partnership with Deko Entertainment and longtime friend and collaborator Steve Luongo. There are 13 tracks in total. Included are the demos for The Who’s “Where Ya Going Now” and “Life Goes On”; the unreleased studio track “I Wouldn’t Sleep With You”; and live tracks “Trick of the Light” and “Under a Raging Moon,” recorded during the John Entwistle Band’s final tour in 2001. All are packaged in a 6-panel digipak with album cover art conceived by Chris Entwistle — John’s son — and Steve Luongo.  There is also a limited edition expanded booklet with never-before-seen photos and a track-by-track description giving details of each of the 13 tracks included in this release.

This CD + 12-page booklet also contains two (2) numbered, 9x12” art prints; these are professionally printed copies of original drawings by John Entwistle. Exclusive to only Goldmine,

One print is a sketch of a human hybrid of longtime friend and collaborator Steve Luongo and Pete Townshend. The other print is a Entwistle drawing of Jimi Hendrix, colorized by Luongo.

Luongo had asked Entwistle if he could colorize the black-and-white Jimi Hendrix illustration with colored pens. Entwistle replied to Luongo: “Sure, but let me show you how to get started.“

“After a quick and thorough lesson in color testing and blending,” Luongo explains, “this [piece of Hendrix artwork] is the result. I wrote ‘color by Steve Luongo,’ then he wrote ‘drawing by John Entwistle.’ I see the original almost every day and it never fails to make me smile.”

Entwistle’s original drawings of rock stars started off as black-and-white, pen-and-ink drawings like the ones on the cover of Who By Numbers. The series was so popular that Entwistle decided to go and release color versions of his work. While Entwistle was working on his ‘Guitarist Series,’ he used artist proofs to test various colors. 


Rarities Oxhumed: Volume One 

  1. Bogey Man (ft. Keith Moon)*
  2. Darker Side Of Night
  3. I'll Try Again
  4. When You See The Light
  5. Back On The Road
  6. Left For Dead (extended version)
  7. I Wouldn't Sleep With You
  8. Don't Be A Sucker
  9. Life Goes On (demo)
  10. Where Ya Going Now (demo)
  11. Trick Of The Light (live)
  12. Under A Raging Moon (live)
  13. Shakin' All Over (live)

*“Bogey Man” was originally recorded in the 70’s with Keith Moon of the Who on drums.  As explained in the expanded booklet, the resurrection of this song was kismet. Entwistle began his quest with just a demo cassette of a rhythm track with Entwistle’s vocal and horns. When Steve Luongo identified Keith Moon on drums, Entwistle futilely made an exhaustive search for the multi-track tape, so he could add the missing tracks and complete the song. As he was giving up, “…a bloody loud bang from behind scarred me half to death.” It was the “Bogey Man” multi-track tape. Entwistle described the event as “spooky!”

In summary, this John Entwistle bundle, limited to only 100, includes:

- One (1)  Rarities Oxhumed - Volume One CD

- One (1)  12-page Expanded Booklet with exclusive photos, recording info, and unreleased photos.

- Two (2)  Numbered 9x12” art prints; professionally printed copies of original drawings by John Entwistle. Exclusive to only Goldmine.

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