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Ludwig Green Sparkle Tribute Zep Mini Drum Set Replica Collectible This is a miniature replica of John Bonham's Green Sparkle Ludwig Drum Kit. Classic rock fan favorite! Bonzo is known for his super loud playing style and his sparkle Ludwig kits! The lore is that this green sparkle kit was played at the first Led Zeppelin performance and according to Jason Bonham (John Bonham's son) the kit is now in the possession of Robert Plant. This kit is a perfect gift for the Zep fan! This set would make a great gift for a Classic Rock fan, or any drummer who clearly needs another set of drums in the house, but doesn't have the space. This is a very detailed drum kit and will bring joy and delight to any music fan. These beautifully handcrafted miniature drum sets are created with great care. From the hollow bass drum to the adorable miniature drum sticks they are a joy to behold. A great gift and collectible for the favorite musician in your life. Each ornamental replica drum set is about a 1:4 scale and is individually handmade from solid wood & metal parts. Each bass drum is approximately 3.5” in width and comes complete with all the parts shown (minimal assembly required). The footprint on your shelf for this little set is about 10" wide, and approximately 6" deep. Miniature Replicas Look Great But Are Not Playable

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