FAITH NO MORE 'SOL INVICTUS' LP (Limited, Silver Vinyl)

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LABEL: Ipecac Recordings
VARIANT: Silver Vinyl LP (Limited to 500)

It’s been six years since Faith No More released their reunion album, Sol Invictus. Hundreds of thousands of sales, and tens of millions of streams later, the band is releasing a series of remixes that have never been available digitally before. -“Motherfucker (JG Thirlwell)” remix originally appeared on the Motherfucker Record Store Day 2014 7” release -JG Thirlwell is the legendary musician and composer who is behind the industrial legends, Foetus, as well as the composer for TV shows such as Archer and The Venture Bros. -“Superhero (Battaglia Remix)” originally appeared on Superhero 7” as well as Sol Invictus Japanese CD as a bonus track -The remix was done by Alexander Hacke of Einsturzende Neubauten -The band has 3.3MM monthly listeners on Spotify, plus millions more through Apple, Pandora, Amazon and more. -We’re planning 1-2 more remixes for 2022 to support the activity next year -They have their first shows since 2016 starting this September and going through Summer 2022, so we’re making these songs available digitally for the first time.

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