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The greatest hits of the late, great, Chuck Berry! Truly a greatest hits record that stands on its own as a definitive LP in the discography of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer. We’ve given this extraordinary collection a major facelift with new stunning new art and pressed it onto gold vinyl. The legacy of Chuck Berry is nearly beyond description–Berry means originality, being the first true rock and rolling, gyrating guitar god, and the earliest rock and roll lyricist whose words are worthy of a poet’s pedigree. And Berry means success, too...all of the dozen recordings on this long play record were hit recordings, from the beginning (“Maybelline,” in the summer of ‘55) to the most recent waxing, the fun and funky “Nadine”–both supercharged tales featuring cars and girls, subjects close to the singer’s heart. Here are a dozen of his monumental achievements: guitar-driven, rocking, rolling music with his hip, happening wit and genius wordsmithing–Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits!

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