CANNED HEAT 'THE TIES THAT BIND' LP (Limited Edition, Metallic Gold Vinyl)

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LABEL: Friday Rights Management, LLC
VARIANT: Limited Edition, Metallic Gold Vinyl LP

As the Summer of Love and the Hippie Movement were coming to a close, the mid-seventies continued to be very kind to the music of the legendary kings of the boogie, Canned Heat. With their United Artists and Atlantic Records days behind them, they flew into Miami and began recording their latest material with Tom Dowd and Fito de la Parra and arrived at The Ties That Bind album.

Upon the completion of the recording sessions, the tapes were stored and never released, and initially were thought to have been destroyed in a fire at their manager's house in the late sevenites.

Years later, Fito located the 1974 tapes. They were rescued and restored by the classic bluesman, and were issued very briefly on a rare CD in the early '90s.

Now, as technology has been more favorable to restoring great music like this, long-time Canned Heat associate Joe Reagoso went back into the studio and remastered The Ties That Bind. Therefore, Friday Music is very pleased to announce the first-time-ever vinyl master release of Canned Heat's The Ties That Bind - The Lost '74 Sessions.

Featuring some real hard rockin' blues from the legends like Ike Turner's "I Idolize You," Huey "Piano" Smith's "If It Ain't One Thing It's Another," Canned Heat's own "Boogie and Blues," "Sad Ol' Mountain Sorrow" and a bonus live track of Jimmy Rogers' classic "Chicago Bound."

This super limited edition vinyl album will be pressed on striking metallic gold vinyl, and as an added feature, Friday Music will be presenting this long-lost masterwork in a stunning die-cut circular LP cover, making this one of the more important vinyl re-discoveries this year.

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